Tip on the WHOLE bill

I’ve recently started a habit of patronizing Buffalo Wild Wings on Tuesdays, when wings are 45 cents each. I eat about a dozen, and the bill for me and my “wing wingman” usually comes to about $20 for food, drinks, tax. Now I know when I go any other day of the week, that bill is closer to $30…so I tip $5-6. I know people who work at chain restaurants that have deals like this, and a lot of them don’t like working on days with specials like that because the tips are lower, so they’re working a lot more for the same money at best.

I didn’t used to think like that. But now I work for a company that puts on promotions for its customers and takes on 100% of the expense. My rate of pay is completely unaffected – in fact, I tend to make more because of the increased business. Personally I think restaurants should pay staff the *real* minimum wage those days (well, actually all days, but that’s a whole other battle) – it wouldn’t entirely make up for the difference, but is certainly a gesture in the direction of fairness. However, I’m pretty sure the CEO of Buffalo Wild Wings, TGI Friday’s, etc. want to hear this.

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  1. Thanks for this. As a former waitress and bartender, there’s really nothing worse than happy hour when everything is discounted. I used to work in a place that had happy hour Mondays, which is great to go to but terrible to work. We were so busy, running constantly from 4pm – 12am – and we’d walk with less than half of a normal night. We had the cheapest happy hour in town.

    • Sounds like a Happy Half-Day…for everyone but those working it. I once found the only TGI Fridays in Manhattan that participates in promotions like 2 for $20 (2 mains + 1 app), which was about 40% less than full price. I didn’t appreciate the mooch I was stuck paying for “reminding” me to tip twice as much without putting his hand in his pocket, but that’s when I first became aware of this phenomenon…about 2003 I think.

  2. Great post.

    I’ve recently noticed at our restaurant, that when people have gift cards, they only tip on the balance. Which makes no sense to me at all. If you have a $100 gift card and your bill is $150, how can you think it’s ok to only tip on the $50 left over? You ate the other $100 worth of food?

    So it’s good to see that someone takes how hard the server works when things are discounted and still tips well.

  3. I always tip on the whole bill. I used to waitress at a popular restaurant that gave away free birthday meals. We also sang to the birthday person. It was ridiculous how people took it so for granted. Tipping was one way that they said they didn’t even notice that one person ate for free.

  4. If you really feel like you are worth more than you are being paid, seek out a new profession. If you find yourself year after year waiting tables on wing night- there must be some sort of pay-off. Bottom line- no one forces you to wait tables.

    • That’s a real bitchy comment Natalie, and shows what a low regard you have for the people that serve you.

      People with the precise attitude that you displayed above are why service industry gripe. You take it in with you to the restaurant and treat them the same way your comments portrays you to feel, which is the “you don’t matter and shut up and take it or get a better job” entitlement you feel as you look down on them.

      Shame on you.

      • I dont think its a bitchy comment! Its true that a tip is just that a tip. And if you arent moving forward, in your service profession than get a new job , up your standards and go work for a place where you get what you feel you deserve. And dont complain. Unless your ok with happy hour wing nights or whatever forever. 🙂
        And by the way I am in the service profession too, so I am not talking out if my ass.

      • Typical holier than thou comment, priceless.

      • Dont blame it on the customers….maybe its your attitude of entitlement that keeps you not getting what you want. Geez be thankful instead.

      • Actually, I am saying the opposite of “you don’t matter, shut up and take it.” I am in fact saying you do matter, and if you aren’t happy with your life/ your earnings, change it- but only you have the power to do so.
        And I should add that I managed to say all that without personal attacks.

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